Supply voltage : 230 V

Item No. 1423550000


Version Supply voltage : 230 V  
Order No. 1423550000  
GTIN (EAN) 4050118227871  
Qty. 1 ST  
Depth 68 mm  
Depth (inches) 2.67716 inch  
Height 96 mm  
Height (inches) 3.77952 inch  
Width 96 mm  
Width (inches) 3.77952 inch  
Net weight 427 g  
Storage temperature -25 °C...70 °C  
Operating temperature -25 °C...55 °C  
Humidity 35 % to 85 % relative humidity level  
REACH SVHC Lead 7439-92-1  
Current-measuring channels 3  
Measuring accuracy for current 0.5 %  
Rated current 1 / 5 A  
Residual current measuring No  
Four-wire system Yes  
Low voltage network TN-C  
TT nur für L-N  
Measurement range, voltage L-L, AC 0…500 V  
Measurement range, voltage L-N, AC 0…250 V (1P3W)  
0…289 V (3P4W)  
Measuring accuracy for voltage 1 %  
Three-wire system Yes  
Interface RS485: Autobaud, 9,6 – 115.2 kbps (pluggable screw terminals)  
Protocol Modbus RTU  
Memory; minimum and maximum values No  
Software Power Monitor Manager  
Integrated logic No  
Display value Apparent power  
Effective power  
Reactive power  
Power factor  
Pollution severity 2  
Protection degree Front panel: IP51  
Enclosure: IP20  
Rated current 1 / 5 A  
Standards IEC 61010-1  
Measurement range, voltage L-N, AC 0…250 V (1P3W)  
0…289 V (3P4W)  
Measurement range, voltage L-L, AC 0…500 V  
Surge voltage category II  
Voltage supply 100…240 V AC  
100...300 V DC  
Supply voltage 230 V  
Three-wire system Yes  
Four-wire system Yes  
Sampling frequency 50/60 Hz 1024 kHz  
Measurement result per second 100000  
Residual current measuring No  
Current-measuring channels 3  
Measuring accuracy for voltage 1 %  
Measuring accuracy for current 0.5 %  
Measurement accuracy for active energy (kWh, …/5 A) 1% for the calculated values  
Clock Yes  
Positive, negative and zero system Yes  
Brief interruptions Yes  
Sequence-of-events recorder function No  
Pollution severity 2  
Surge voltage category II  
Approval/Certificate/Document of Conformity [Declaration of Conformity](https://mdcop.weidmueller.com/mediadelivery/asset/900_239747)  
Engineering Data [CAD data -- STEP](https://mdcop.weidmueller.com/mediadelivery/asset/900_211656)  
Engineering Data [EPLAN, WSCAD, Zuken E3.S](LINK/CAE_EN.html)  
CADENAS eCATALOG [Cax data](https://weidmueller-embedded.partcommunity.com?catalog=weidmueller_qs&part=1423550000)  
Software [Device description -- Description ModBus registers (XLS)](https://mdcop.weidmueller.com/mediadelivery/asset/900_38341)  
[Runtime Software -- Software - Power Monitor Manager; version 2](https://mdcop.weidmueller.com/mediadelivery/asset/900_191022)  
User Documentation [Operation with S-/E-Converter; English (PDF)](https://mdcop.weidmueller.com/mediadelivery/asset/900_36139)  
[Quick Guide German/English](https://mdcop.weidmueller.com/mediadelivery/asset/900_38517)  
[Manual Power Monitor German/English](https://mdcop.weidmueller.com/mediadelivery/asset/900_39949)  
Catalogues [Catalogues in PDF-format](LINK/Catalog.html)  
ETIM 6.0 EC002301  
ETIM 7.0 EC002301  
ETIM 8.0 EC002301  
ECLASS 9.0 27-14-23-30  
ECLASS 9.1 27-21-03-01  
ECLASS 10.0 27-14-23-30  
ECLASS 11.0 27-14-23-30  
ECLASS 12.0 27-14-23-30  
Long specification Electrical parameters have to be measured and visualised to optimise your machines' and systems' energy needs. This is the only way in which an analysis can be carried out and, subsequently, savings made and an energy management system established. An easy-to-install solution is now available from Weidmüller. When implementing an energy management system according to ISO 50001, the Power Monitor is one of the modules necessary to meet the requirements of recording, displaying and analysing power flows.
Technical data:
Input data: measurement variable: active, reactive, apparent power
Recording of frequencies of up to 99.99 Hz and temperatures of up to 100°C
Measurement variable: AC sine (50/60 Hz) designation
Input: voltage measurement inputs V1, V2, V3
Input voltage range: 0 VAC – 500 VAC (phase/phase)
Input voltage range: 0 VAC – 300 VAC (phase/neutral conductor)
Accuracy: 0.5% input current range: via external converters, input current: 8000 A (primary), input current: 5 A (secondary)
Response threshold of rated measurement range value: 1 mA
Power-measurement range: 0– 9999999.9 kW
Power-measurement range: 0– 9999999.9 kvar
Power-measurement range: 0– 9999999.9 kVA
Accuracy: 1%
Interface: RS-485
Type of connection: screw terminals
General data: width: 96 mm, height: 96 mm
Display: LCD display, backlit display
Supply voltage range: 85– 264 VAC
 Rated power consumption: 5 VA, protection degree: IP51 (front), IP20 (rear)
Mains type: 3-phase (3 or 4 conductors), 2-phase (2 conductors) and 1-phase (1 conductor), colour: black, conformity: CE-compliant
Rated insulation voltage: 300 VAC (EN 61010-1)
Overvoltage category: II, ambient temperature (operational): -25°C to 55°C, ambient temperature (storage/transport): -25°C to 70°C
Max. perm. humidity (operation): 85%, height above sea level < 2000 m
Connection data: flexible conductor cross-section min.: 0.5 mm², flexible conductor cross-section max.: 2.5 mm², rigid conductor cross-section min.: 0.2 mm², rigid conductor cross-section max.: 4 mm², type of connection: screw connection
Ordering details: product: Weidmüller interface, type: Power Monitor, item no.: 1423550000  
Short specification Measuring device for optimising energy requirements  
Approvals ![CE](/picture/CE.gif)  
ROHS Conform  


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