ACT20P-UI-AO-DO-LP-S   Item No. 1453210000

ACT20P, Signal converter/insulator, Limit value monitoring, Input: temperature, R, U, I, Output: 4 - 20 mA, Output current loop powered

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Order No. 1453210000  
Version ACT20P, Signal converter/insulator, Limit value monitoring, Input: temperature, R, U, I, Output: 4 - 20 mA, Output current loop powered  
GTIN (EAN) 4050118259605  
Qty. 1 ST  
Width 12.5 mm  
Width (inches) 0.492125 inch  
Height 119.2 mm  
Height (inches) 4.692904 inch  
Depth 113.6 mm  
Depth (inches) 4.472432 inch  
Net weight 157 g  
Humidity 10…90 %, no condensation  
Operating temperature, max. 70 °C  
Operating temperature, min. -20 °C  
Storage temperature, max. 70 °C  
Storage temperature, min. -20 °C  
Operating temperature -20 °C...70 °C  
Ambient temperature -20 °C...+70 °C  
Storage temperature -20 °C...70 °C  
REACH SVHC Lead 7439-92-1  
Number of inputs 1  
Type Universal signal isolator / signal amplifier, thermocouple, RTD  
Sensor PT200  
Cu 10  
Sensor supply 0.1 mA / 0.05 mA (depending on measuring range) @ RTD cable  
Influence of the sensor cable resistance 5 Ω @ RTD- Kabel  
Input voltage configurable  
-150…+150 mV DC (min. measurement range15 mV)  
-600…+600 mV DC (min. measurement range 50 mV)  
± 12 V DC (min. measurement range 1 V)  
± 28 V DC (min. measurement range 2 V)  
± 300 V DC (min. measurement range 100 V)  
0…1 V AC (min. measurement range300 mV)  
0…250 V AC (min. measurement range 100 V)  
Input resistance, voltage > 10 MΩ @ 600 mV  
2 MΩ  
Input current configurable  
± 5 A DC (min. measurement range 0.5 A)  
Input resistance, current 40 Ω  
Input measurement range PT100 -200…+850 °C  
Cable-length compensation < ±0.002 Ω per cable resistance Ω  
Temperature input range CU10: -100…+260 °C  
Ni120: -80 °C…+320 °C  
PT100 / 200 / 1000: -200 °C…+850 °C  
B: +100…+1820 °C  
E: -270…+1000 °C  
J: -270…+1200 °C  
K: -270…+1372 °C  
L: +100…+900 °C  
N: -180…+1300 °C  
R: -50…+1768 °C  
S: -50…+1768 °C  
T: -270…+400 °C  
U: -200…+600 °C  
Resistance 0…1.5 kΩ  
Potentiometer 1.2…500 kΩ  
Accuracy < 0.1 % of measuring range  
Cold-junction compensation error ±1.0°C @ -20° C - 65°C  
Configuration With FDT/DTM software  
Galvanic isolation 2-way isolator  
between input/output  
Rail TS 35  
Step response time 450 ms  
Temperature coefficient < 0.02 °C of measuring range / °C  
Voltage supply Output loop powered  
Galvanic isolation 2-way isolator  
between input/output  
Impulse withstand voltage 4 kV (1.2/50 µs)  
Insulation voltage 3.51 kV between input and output  
Pollution severity 2  
Rated voltage 300 Veff  
Surge voltage category III  
Output current 4...20 mA (current loop)  
Signal output direct or inverted  
Alarm function configurable  
Top and bottom limit values, window range  
Alarm delay: 0…99 s  
Hysteresis ≥ 0.1 % of FS  
Number of digital outputs 1  
Type Transistor, open collector  
Rated switching current 20 mA  
Rated switching voltage ≤ 30 V DC  
Type of connection Screw connection  
Tightening torque, min. 0.4 Nm  
Tightening torque, max. 0.6 Nm  
Clamping range, rated connection 2.5 mm²  
Clamping range, min. 0.5 mm²  
Clamping range, max. 2.5 mm²  
Wire connection cross section AWG, min. AWG 26  
Wire connection cross section AWG, max. AWG 12  
Product information The ACT20P-UI-AO-DO-LP-X converts and isolates current, voltage, potentiometer and temperature sensor signals (mA, A, mV, V, potentiometer, RTD and TC). The transmit function between the input and output can be set via the configuration program either to predefined functions (x0.5, x, x2) or via a freely definable function table. The device is powered via the output current loop.

  • Configuration and monitoring are performed via FDT/DTM-Software „WI-Manager“.
  • The active or passive signal inputs for RTD, TC, potentiometer, mV, V, mA and A are completely electrically isolated.
  • The TC signal input has internal cold-junction compensation.
  • Alarm output (for example, for limit monitoring, sensor error detection and more)
  • 3-way galvanic isolation between input, output/supply and alarm output.
Approval/Certificate/Document of Conformity [UL Certification](  
[Declaration of Conformity](  
Brochure/Catalogue [CAT 4.1 ELECTR 16/17 EN](  
Engineering Data [EPLAN, WSCAD, Zuken E3.S](LINK/CAE_EN.html)  
Engineering Data [STEP](  
CADENAS eCATALOG [Cax data](  
Software [WI-Manager, DTM-Library for online installation V.1.2.0](  
User Documentation [Instruction sheet](  
ETIM 6.0 EC002653  
ETIM 7.0 EC002653  
eClass 9.0 27-21-01-20  
eClass 9.1 27-21-01-90  
eClass 10.0 27-21-01-20  
Approvals ![CE](/picture/CE.gif) ![EAC](/picture/EAC.gif)  
Approvals CULUS;  
ROHS Conform  


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