1. General information


In which countries is the shop available?
- The shop is gradually being rolled out to more and more countries. Your local Weidmüller contact will let you know as soon as the shop is available in your country.


In which languages is the shop available?
- Currently the shop is available in German and English
- Other languages to follow


Does it make a difference if I place orders via the shop or by other means?
- No, prices, reductions and availability are exactly the same as with other ordering channels.


How do I get a login?
- Please refer to your local customer service


How can I become a Weidmüller customer?
- Please refer to your local customer services. Their contact details can be found on our company website: www.weidmueller.de


Who can answer further questions?
- Please refer to your local customer service

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2. Items, prices and availability


Does the shop stock the entire Weidmüller range?
- Yes, the available range is the same as that of our online catalogue


Are the shop prices different?
- No, you the prices are specific for you


How can I view product availability and delivery times?
- As an initial indicator the product detail page will either show "in stock" or "delivery slot displayed in the shopping cart"
- In order to obtain confirmation of the delivery slot, place the desired quantity into the shopping cart and then call up the shopping cart page
- In the shopping cart the expected delivery slot is indicated on the basis of shipping from the appropriate warehouse location. Larger quantities may be divided up into several partial deliveries.


How is the are delivery times calculated?
- Delivery times are calculated in the shopping cart. Always based on the relevant warehouse location, production cycles and transit periods.

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3. Order and delivery times


Is it possible to subsequently change a confirmed order?
- No, confirmed orders cannot be changed in the shop. Please contact your local customer services instead.


Can I reserve orders in advance?
- No.


Will I be informed if delivery times change?
- You may view the current status at any time in the order history (my account)
- You will also receive a further order confirmation indicating the final delivery slot.


Can I track orders to see whereabouts they are?
- We provide links to track your order, as long as these have been forwarded to us by your shipping provider. To track an order, go to your order history and select the corresponding order.


Which delivery address can I use in the shop?
- Any of your Weidmüller customer account delivery addresses are available for selection. This is all part of the available order process.
- In some locations it is possible to provide a one- off delivery address during the order process. This is not stored in the Weidmüller customer account and is only used for the current order.


May I place an order without a Weidmüller customer account?
- No, this is not possible. To open an account please contact Weidmüller customer services.

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4. Shop features


What are the main features of the shop?
- Access to the complete Weidmüller product range, including search functionality
- Product details including data sheets on the product details pages
- Customer- specific prices by login
- All agreed discounts and offers are included in the price calculation in the shopping cart
- Delivery times can be accessed and displayed in the shopping cart
- CSV file import available (an example file is available on the relevant page)
- Rapid selection of many items via fast ordering
- My account:
o Order history: access to all your account orders to view delivery times via UPS tracking link
o Order templates: use of practical order templates for recurring orders or gather items into a template


How can I change my password?
- There is a corresponding menu item available under "My account"

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