SKH E48 LP2/LP   Item No. 0690660000

Interface, Plug-in connector, acc. to DIN 41612 female, 48E

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Type SKH E48 LP2/LP  
Order No. 0690660000  
Version Interface, Plug-in connector, acc. to DIN 41612 female, 48E  
GTIN (EAN) 4008190087630  
Qty. 1 ST  
Length 69 mm  
Length (inches) 2.71653 inch  
Width 131 mm  
Width (inches) 5.15747 inch  
Height 144 mm  
Height (inches) 5.66928 inch  
Net weight 251 g  
Operating temperature, max. 55 °C  
Operating temperature, min. 0 °C  
Storage temperature, max. 60 °C  
Storage temperature, min. -40 °C  
Operating temperature 0...55 °C  
Storage temperature -40...60 °C  
Connection on control side Plug-in connector, acc. to DIN 41612 female  
Number of poles (control side) 48-pole female  
Type (control side) 48E  
Contact assembly e, c, a  
Connection (field side) LP2N 5.08mm  
Design of the pluggable board 100x160 mm euro format for 19" racks  
Rated voltage 125V AC / 150V DC  
Rated current per connection 4 A  
According to DIN EN 50178  
Rated insulation voltage < 150 V AC  
Surge voltage category II  
Pollution severity level 2  
Pulse voltage test (1,2/50μs) 1.5 kV  
Insulation test voltage 0.8 kVAC  
Type of connection Screw connection  
Clamping range, min. 0.13 mm²  
Clamping range, max. 6 mm²  
Solid, min. H05(07) V-U 0.5 mm²  
Solid, max. H05(07) V-U 6 mm²  
Flexible, min. H05(07) V-K 0.5 mm²  
Flexible, max. H05(07) V-K 4 mm²  
Flexible with sleeve, max. 2.5 mm²  
Flexible with sleeve, min. 0.5 mm²  
Sleeve with plastic collar, max. 2.5 mm²  
Min. wire cross-section, AWG AWG 26  
Max. wire cross-section, AWG AWG 12  
Tightening torque, min. 0.5 Nm  
Tightening torque, max. 0.6 Nm  
Stripping length 6 mm  
Brochure/Catalogue [CAT 4.5 ELECTR 16/17 EN](  
Engineering Data [WSCAD](LINK/CAE_EN.html)  
ETIM 6.0 EC002780  
ETIM 7.0 EC002780  
eClass 9.0 27-14-11-52  
eClass 9.1 27-24-22-92  
eClass 10.0 27-14-11-52  
UNSPSC 30-21-18-01  
Approvals ![CE](/picture/CE.gif)  
ROHS Conform  


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